The 2nd World Conference on Blended Learning

April 26-28, 2017

Toronto, ON, Canada

George Brown College


Clausehound.com is a cloud-based contract drafting tool for entrepreneurs, early-stage businesses and small businesses alike. Clausehound’s $10 per month do-it-yourself legal library hosts tens of thousands of legal clauses, contracts, news or blog articles, lawyer commentary and instructional videos. Our professional version offers a concierge service that assists entrepreneurs with answers to questions while trying to source an agreement. Clausehound aims to make businesses and lawyers more cost-effective and productive.

www: http://Clausehound.com



Created by award-winning educators, EssayJack is an interactive web platform that pre-structures student essays with text boxes, interactive tips and prompts, split screen composing, and a live word count. It reduces writing anxiety, procrastination, and plagiarism. The entire EssayJack platform can be customized by educators and allows for rubric-based feedback.

www: http://essayjack.com/

Forward Vision Games

Forward Vision Games builds cloud based financial simulation games to teach foundational financial skills to people in an engaging and impactful way through experiential learning. The company focuses on building financial capacity in indigenous people and First Nation communities.

www: Forwardvisiongames.com

International Association for Mobile Learning

IAmLearn is a membership organization to promote excellence in research, development and application of mobile and contextual learning. The Association wants to stimulate cooperation with national associations and communities on mobile learning.IAmLearn organizes the annual mLearn international conference series and manages the website to collate and disseminate information about new projects, emerging technologies, and teaching resources. The Association members build a future of learning through their research and application of technology in education and training.

www: http://iamlearn.org/

Learning Glass Solutions

The Learning Glass is new technology for creating instructional video content using a transparent whiteboard. This allows instructors to maintain face-to-face contact with students, which provides a sense of connection with students, resulting in increased engagement and retention of material.

www: http://www.learning.glass/

The Learning Partnership

The Learning Partnership is a national charity dedicated to building stakeholder partnerships to support, promote and advance publicly funded education in Canada. We do this through five key deliverables - innovative student programs, executive leadership for educators, knowledge mobilization and policy, tribute celebrations of excellence and ongoing collaborations across Canada. Since 1993, more than 6.5 million students have participated in The Learning Partnership's programs. ​

www: www.thelearningpartnership.ca

Open Proctor

OpenProctor is the first of its kind academic integrity technology that strives to empower instructors with automated tools that promote accountability and academic integrity. It adapts to the individual learning styles, allows learners to maintain full control of their own learning environment, and work at their own pace using tools they like.

www: http://www.openproctor.org


peerScholar is an evidence based self- and peer-assessment web application. ​In a typical peerScholar activity, students submit their work (written or visual), see the work of their peers and give feedback, and then receive peer feedback on their work with an option to reflect and revise. Students can also engage in self-assessments and reflections at various points in the process.

www: www.peerscholar.com

Parlay Ideas

Parlay is a discussion-based learning tool that allows teachers to track engagement, test for key skills and measure student progress both online and inside the classroom. We want to help student improve their critical thinking, develop their communication skills and foster a willingness to listen to others so they can take these abilities with them into the world.

www: www.parlayideas.com


Reactr’s project, Praktik, is an initial alpha prototype for an interactive module for students in various Nursing & Health Science programs that have coursework in measurement of vital signs. The module focuses on blood pressure testing processes, and offers students rich-media learning assets, interactive simulations of use of blood pressure equipment, and integrated self-evaluation modules for interpretation.

www: http://www.reactr.ca


Sesame enables educators and students to capture and assess all forms of student work, and connect evidence of assessment to learning outcomes.

www: http://sesamehq.com

Springbay Studios

Springbay Studios

The Enlightened League of Bone Builders, is a mysterious new virtual reality experience for the HTC VIVE. In this anatomy-based puzzle game, you find yourself in a Victorian room filled with antiquities and scientific curios. The goal of the game is to build a complete human skeleton out of the pile of bones on the table in front of you.


George Brown College


The skills, drive and bright ideas of the next generation of software and game development professionals. George Brown College students from various programs will demo results of their school and research projects.

www: http://www.georgebrown.ca


Voila Learning